Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Good Snark Deserves Another

Since I started painting in 2014 my dad, aka Futh, has shown ongoing interest in my work, often asking about it, and also displaying front and center in his home those paintings I've given him, even going so far as to move them from room to room so as to have more opportunities to view them.

When I painted a sky series during the summer—several posts starting with Attention-Getting, 7/26/15, and ending with A Series! Seriously!, 8/9/15—he took note and periodically pointed out interesting skies as possibilities for painting. Futh is one heck of a guy.

However, he's also got a sense of humor and isn't above making a snarky comment or two. When my son Jay and I drove up to Maine in early August to visit him and Muth at the Norway Center where Muth was living, Futh turned to me at one point, looked skyward, and said, "Dotty, there's a sky you could paint … "

And so I have.

Not-a-Cloud-in-The Sky
4x4", tissue and acrylic on stretched canvas
[not for sale]

Bona fide reference photo provided by Jay:


  1. LOL at your cloud-free sky! I hope you give this one to Futh.

    1. Got a genuine belly-laugh of appreciation from Futh!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad the laugh is being shared! Jay and I laughed back in August about my doing such a painting for my day, and I pulled it off for Christmas. Great fun. I laugh every time I see Jay's reference photo, too!