Saturday, December 19, 2015

Not Only but Also

Do you think students are taught the not-only-but-also grammar construction these days? Not so much, I'm guessin'.

Regardless, here's what ran through my mind this afternoon:

Not only is there the wonder of ending-a-day-with-a-painting-that-didn't-exist-at-daybreak that I've exclaimed about previously, but also there is this wonder—if I'd started painting today at, say, 1000a instead of 1225p, the painting I created wouldn't be the one you see below.

A painting is just SO the moment(s) in which it is painted.

Today I played again with making a mark on my paper and then seeing what mark I made next. Each brush stroke or scribble or dab invited me to the next. This approach is still so new to me. So uncharted. So exhilarating. So freeing.

I started with paint, using both ends of my brush, and from there jumped from paint to ink to paint to ink to paint to ink to wax pastel to oil pastel. Eventually, the painting felt complete so I stopped.

Having Fun
7.5x5.5", acrylic, ink, and pastels on canvas paper

In process:


  1. Not only do I love seeing how your paintings evolve, but also the narratives that accompany them. :-)

    1. Not only do I love having you post comments, but also I love that you injected a little underground humor into your affirming commentary with your grammatical echo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sheila. Process is fascinating, isn't it? It's fun for me even a day or two after completing a piece, to go back to look at pics of how it came it be.