Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just Kidding

Yesterday's painting was all tucked into its tin envelope—addressed, stamped, and ready for a safe little journey from Massachusetts to Maine. I'd set out to create a painting combining art and text, and that's what I'd done. When I woke at one point in the night, however, a niggly part of my subconscious mind bubbled up to just-barely-conscious and whispered, Maybe art on one side, text on the other?

So, I started fresh.

And now I've ended up out on the prairie, tall grasses and sky as far as the eye can see.


How did I get here?!

Prairie Thanksgiving
5.25x4.5", acrylic, ink, charcoal, and oil pastel on watercolor paper
[not for sale]
in the tin envelope


  1. I want to know about the tin. Very cool. I love this piece - perfection!

  2. The tin originally housed a CD. I used it as an envelope—way more expensive to mail than a paper envelope, but fun!

    Thanks for your feedback. "Prairie Thanksgiving" was one of those wonderful pieces that just flowed out of me from who knows where. Way fun. I currently have it as a screen saver on my laptop where I continue to enjoy it.

  3. Do I understand it well, and is there text written on the other side?
    A letter, or a poem or something like that?

    With you poetic voice, that would be a wonderful combination!

  4. I decided not to send my painting of the day before after all but to create a new piece of art (above), using the same words about grief and joy from Wendell Berry, this time with the text on the back rather than incorporated into the art. I took the original out of its tin envelope, put this new painting in instead, and sent it to a friend of my mom's who has now become my friend as well, someone with whom I share the grief of my mom's death and now the joy of becoming friends.