Monday, December 21, 2015

Gifts of Imperfection

A couple of years ago I took an online course offered by Brené Brown. For the class, I kept an art journal in which I worked my way through various exercises, the first of which was to write myself some permission slips.

Excerpt from September 2013:

I give myself permission to …

• get messy
• say no
• be me
• let go of pleasing others
• be awkward and clumsy
• feel joy
• try new things
• have fun
• come out of hiding
• forgive myself
• get my shoulders away from my ears
• breathe
• feel sad
• not know the answer
• show up
• be seen
• love myself
• pray
• trust myself
• feel uncomfortable
• open my heart
• fail
• laugh

Guess I opened that can o' worms!

Couldn't be happier.

Rising Strong
4.5x3.25", acrylic, ink, and pastels on watercolor paper
[not for sale]


  1. Dotty, I really like your use of dark color.

    1. Ann, great fun to get your comment. I mixed up the "black" and "gray" from who knows what colors (can't remember what was on my palette) but I know your recent blog posts about chromatic blacks and grays were tickling me to play around. Love that my use of dark color is what caught your attention!

  2. Love your list! And the texture in this piece is terrific1

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for your comment. Little did I know when I wrote that list that I would begin painting for the first time eight months later. The texture in the painting comes from my using the back of the cover of a pad of Strathmore Canvas Paper—very interesting texture, which got highlighted by my use of wax pastels.