Friday, December 11, 2015

An Hour on a December Morning

watercolor paper
burnt umber
yellow ochre
cadmium yellow medium
chromium oxide green
ultramarine blue
titanium white
painting knife
#4 bright

I carve time out of my schedule from negative space.

Then I jump into three different experiences in my studio:

First, I scrape autumn saltwater marsh colors across watercolor paper with a painting knife. Love the roughness and imprecision.

Then, I ink in some lines. Love their thinness, the hint of a landscape.

After that, with my brush, sky and water become the negative space that makes trees and land pop into possibility. Love the transformation.

I stop in medias res today.


  1. Seeing the evolution is fascinating. Can't wait to see the ending!

  2. Joje, thanks for your enthusiasm. Gotta keep my audience hankerin', ya know!

  3. Replies
    1. Patience, Sheila, patience! (My granddaughter Caroline, who is already privy to the final product, is chuckling as I write you this reply!)