Friday, December 25, 2015

A Little Christmas Story

If you're looking for someone who lives all year for the holiday season, you've come knocking at the wrong blog.

But, I always hold space for light in the darkening days of December. And light always shines.

Mid-December, I woke to what felt like a day tight with appointments, responsibilities, tasks, preparations, and the routine stuff of being alive. But didn't a spark of light find its way to me! After an 810a medical appointment and before an 845a phone appointment back at home, didn't space just open up to let me pop from the Women's Health Center over to Art Supplies Wholesale to pick up a sketchbook for Scott for Christmas!

I could have ordered a sketchbook on Amazon, quick as 1-2-3-prime, but I wanted to be in the art store. I wanted to pick up sketchbooks with my own hands, assess them with my own eyes. I wanted to chat with the consultant. I wanted to honor, with my presence, the part of Scott's way of being in the world that has always nudged me to see the world in ways that I wouldn't without him.

I wanted to wrap that sketchbook myself, take it to the post office in person.

And, before wrapping and mailing, I wanted to pick a page and create a little surprise for Scott.

9x9", acrylic, ink, charcoal, and pastel on sketchbook paper
[not for sale]


  1. How fun is that. What an amazing surprise. A treasure for sure!

    1. Yes! And the best part, to my way of thinking, is that Scott didn't discover the treasure when he first opened the gift. The fun now will be to see when he DOES discover it : )