Saturday, November 28, 2015

This Little Light of Mine

Instead of exchanging gifts with each other at Christmas this year, my sisters and I will donate money to Norway Center for Health and Rehabilitation where Muth lived for the last seven months of her life. I offered to coordinate the endeavor and to paint something to accompany our check.

Well, December is looming large and I'm thinking I'd better get painting.

Immediately I feel myself tighten.

I pause. Breathe.

What is the intent of this gift? To honor, celebrate, and shine light on the folks who honored, celebrated, and shone light on Muth, and to honor, celebrate, and shine light on Norway Center's current residents.

The only way I can do that? Honor and celebrate my own little light.

I go to my studio knowing only this much: When I have something to give to Norway Center, I will know. I plan to do a painting a day until I know.

SO freeing to paint with this mindset.

Today I start by covering canvas paper with greens and blues. Go in next with a brush to carve out evergreens from negative space, which yields a pleasing, unpolished feel. Let that much dry. Rainy day, so I have to sit indoors to add ink and oil pastels; hmph to indoors!

Norway Pines in Norway, Maine
7x5", acrylic, ink, and oil pastels on canvas paper
[not for sale]

in process


  1. Loved your words, loved the evolution and end result. Can't wait to see your creation when you finally know!

  2. Thanks, Joje. Two especially fun parts of this painting: 1) "carving" trees out of the dark green mass, 2) using pastels and ink to bring life to the painted parts.

  3. Thanks for sharing your process Dotty! I love how this turned out! Gorgeous trees :)

  4. Hi Sheila, it's fun to see the process, isn't it? I always enjoy seeing how others approach their work, and periodically I remember to share my own. Thanks for your feedback. I'm liking the trees, too!