Monday, November 23, 2015

Showing Up in the Sunshine

[paintings painted and post written in early October]


Part of painting—of creating paintings—is showing up. I show up in a complex process that becomes a tangible object. I become a painting.

So much mystery.

But, at a simple level, I showed up in the sunshine today. Went to my studio, with my granddaughters in mind and heart, and painted up two little bookmarks. Then took my canvas paper, taped to a tray, and sat on my front steps in deliciously warm October sunshine, and let an ink pen trace shapes in the painted colors. Added some touches with colored pencils.

Two sunny paper prayers to take to Virginia with me.

Little bits of G'ma to give to Caroline and Emmy.

Paper Prayers 21, 22
1.25x8", acrylic, ink, and colored pencil
on canvas paper
[not for sale]


  1. Dotty, these are great. I think that you do your best work when you just let it flow.

    1. Ann, grateful for your feedback, especially for the encouragement to "just let it flow." Initiating and staying in flow is bringing me such pleasure; it's all such an engaging, stimulating adventure with layer after layer of discovery.

  2. Beautiful, Gma Dorcy, they'll love them!

  3. Thanks, Joje! I painted these WEEKS ago, and C&E did love 'em!