Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Paint by Number!

[Painted and drafted in early October]


Cranford, NJ, circa 1958. I remember sitting in our den—a room whose size wouldn't pass muster as a walk-in closet on HGTV today!, working on a paint-by-number kit of a scene in Paris.

I remember the total pleasure and satisfaction of dipping a little brush into little plastic pots, matching colors to numbers on the "canvas," filling prescribed spaces with their designated colors, and watching the scene come to life.

The current values studies I've undertaken bring up those memories. Scene is already in place, colors are pre-established.

Here's the rub: I have to make decisions!

Surprisingly difficult decisions, as it turns out!

But no less pleasurable and satisfying.

Great exercise. This won't be the last one.

values 2


  1. The model? or the values painting? or the artist, for knowin' cool when she sees it??!
    In any case, glad you'e enjoying, as am I.

  2. I remember those! I think Hobby Lobby still sells some :) Love these value exercises... something I need more work at ;-/

    1. To my great amusement, I think I would probably totally enjoy doing a paint-by-number to this day! Regarding value exercises, goodness only knows when I'll get around to applying what I'm learning. No matter; having fun doing just what I'm doing.