Sunday, November 29, 2015


Every day I make space in my day to paint.

Every day I choose what to do in that space.

Today, I choose to do what I call gwendaart. I coined the term in celebration of having discovered Gwenda Waterink. Gwenda is my mentor—though not by any formal arrangement. In fact, not by any arrangement at all! She mentors me in the implicit encouragement and door-opening created by her paintings and blogposts.

Following her lead, I go to my studio today wanting to listen to whatever my inner self invites me to paint.

• I select an old calendar page to use as my support
• see my tube of medium magenta, mix it with white, start painting
• draw lines and shapes with a pen on my not-quite-covered canvas
• don't like the magenta so mix in some cadmium red light, use it to fill negative spaces
• use a black Sharpie pen in my left hand to draw circles and lines

Then I stop recording the steps—entirely too boring and disruptive, though I do photograph some of the process (see below).

Fully immerse myself in wordlessness—find it totally engrossing and satisfying.

Tickled Pink
6.25x8.5", acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on poster paper

In process:


  1. Hi Dotty!
    I feel sooo honoured!
    Thank you so much for your ongoing enthousiasm.
    You just don't know how much that means for me!

    Let's keep supporting each other,

    with love,
    Simone Gwenda

  2. You have opened many doors for me through your art and your discussions of your art experience day by day. I have become much more venturesome and I feel myself moving—gratefully—deeper and deeper into what painting offers me. And I totally love our conversations back and forth. So many gifts.