Friday, August 28, 2015

The Places You'll Go

I woke up last night and couldn't return to sleep for way too long. Not great fun.

The fun, it turns out, came this afternoon while I painted the scene framed by the window in our June vacation home in Jonesport. My hangover fatigue lent itself delightfully to my being pretty loose and intuitive as I painted, and I found myself impulsively adding a quick burst of satisfying devil-may-care touches right at the end.

A year ago, I might have known at a cognitive level to bring any one color to all parts of a painting but I didn't know how and I'd subtly blend in what few hesitant touches I could muster up. A year ago, I might have looked at the area of the tree branches and said, There's no yellow ochre in the foliage there, or I might have looked at the grassy section and said to myself, There's no cerulean blue there—in fact there's barely any blue sky showing through behind the trees. I might have looked at the scene and thought, There's no path leading into the trees.

Today I said, There is now!

Jonesport Picture Window
6x6", acrylic on canvas board

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