Saturday, August 29, 2015

Taking Chances, Making Changes

Wanted to paint rather than purchase a card for Elise's wedding because it was with her mom Sylvia that I began painting last year.

Decided on a scene from Cantigny Park in Illinois where Elise and Dan will marry.

While holding the idea of a wedding card in mind for a couple of weeks, had been corresponding with Anne Wood whose paintings reach right out and touch the whole of me.

At Anne's encouragement, looked at tonal values before painting this scene. At her encouragement, started this painting by turning my reference photo other than right-side up and blocking in colors and tones before turning it rightways for refining.

Once I put away my paints and brushes, needed a title. Wanted something to go with the word Cantigny. Chose these words from a prayer offered at my own wedding: chances and changes.

Powerful words in my marriage (of 40 years in October!).

Powerful words for painting.

Totally awesome.

Chances, Changes, Cantigny
5x7", acrylic on watercolor paper
[not for sale]

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