Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inside Out

Modern expressionism? Is that the name of the style of painting that keeps snagging my attention? Regardless of labels, I am fascinated by painting from within, from letting the inside out. I am captivated by the artistic principles that can play out in paintings that are completely nonrepresentational and yet have exquisite interplay of color, light, value, shape, and line. Amazing stuff. Amazing artists.

In my journeys online yesterday the colors and alignment in one abstract painting walked into my heart as did the gradations and evocativeness in an another, an expressionist/impressionist (?) landscape.

This morning I stilled myself enough to tap into what I carried in my heart with a brush and painting knife. Poking out from the inevitable intrusive parade of cerebral decisions, liminal moments of following my intuition and following the painting itself lit me up.

Inside Out
5x7", acrylic on gessobord
abstract landscape

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