Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Situ

Anne from Lincoln, MA, forwards some photos. Ann from Lincolnshire, England, teaches me to turn photos upside down to 'confuse' my brain into seeing shapes, darks, and lights while blocking in color. So there I am in my studio with a photo of place I haven't visited, holding in mind the words of someone I've never met, and off I go. Craziness! Awesome craziness!

I am awestruck again and again by where I go. This morning, I could feel the fog on my skin, could walk right up to spy the exquisite purple centers of the Queen Anne's Lace, could hear the floorboards creak as I trod barefoot in the wooden building at water's edge, could smell the tidal gurry.

This painting was really fun to paint. I did start with my canvas upside down. I mixed my colors as I went, I grabbed whatever brush called out to me. No sketch. Just shapes and colors. A short while later I turned my canvas rightways and just as quickly added depth and a few detailing lines. Done.

Bifocal Morning in Maine
6x6", acrylic on canvas board

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