Monday, August 17, 2015

Dressing Up

Story of honoring Meg and Michael's tenth wedding anniversary:

Wondered with Dave, Will we get a gift? Did anyone give us a gift at ten years? Are Meg and Michael themselves celebrating with a splash? What's the traditional theme for ten years? The modern theme?

Eventually decided, after brainstorming with no success, If a gift idea comes to mind and lights us up, we'll run with it.  If not, we'll send a card.

No gift idea grabbed us. OK, a card, but I'll paint it—can't buy a commercial card.

So, to my studio. Painted Shenandoah Valley Vows.

Independently of each other, Dave and I both thought, Let's frame it! And that felt just right.

At the frame shop, told the above story to the framer. Explained by way of summary, We want a frame somewhere in between doing nothing for an anniversary and going over the top.

Good listener, that framer: I have a ready-made frame that will complement your painting, and we'll cut a custom matte to fit.

Thanks, Universe!

Plus, pretty exciting to see the first bona fide framing of any of my paintings. Looks pretty good all dressed up!

Shenandoah Valley Vows, framed
5x7" art, 11x14 frame
[not for sale]

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