Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I'm at family camp at Takodah. Best place on earth! But not a place where I've ever painted before—except maybe to paint and varnish a stenciled butterfly on a cutting board at Hobby Nook.

Painting at family camp presents a whole new set of decisions and challenges. First of all, am I going to paint? And, if so, where? And when?

Suddenly, partway through the morning, I hefted my basket of painting stuff on my hip and headed to Grube, a tiny little bare bones cabin where I knew no one else was likely to be found on a magnificent August morning. Sure enough, empty.

OK, but there's not even a table. I improvised by setting my tabletop easel on a low shelf flanking a bank of windows through which sunlight poured directly into my face, pulled up a chair, and made do.

Takodah is all about simplicity and basics. I painted simply. And happily, capturing the ripples and reflections of Cass Pond.

'Tis a Gift to be Simple
6x6", acrylic on canvas board

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