Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking the Plunge

On the first anniversary of taking up painting, I took a deep breath, dove impulsively into the practice of doing a painting a day, and started a blog. 

For nearly four weeks it has been my grand fun to post daily and tap out a message to my followers.

Oh. Wait.  

I don't have any followers.

Today's the day. I'm taking the plunge.

Please join me!


Used the same reference photo as yesterday but—look!

Zoomed in closer. Applied red primer instead of yellow ochre. Started with flower blossoms, not background. Created undefined purple backdrop rather than weathered board-and-batten building. Used thicker paint. Different brush strokes. A touch of scumbling.

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5x7", acrylic on gessobord


  1. Love this one. Could easily see it hanging in a home as "real" art! :)

  2. That's because it *is* real art! I drive by the poppies that inspired this painting fairly often, and that patch of flowers is still in bloom three weeks later. When I see my painting at home, it's as though the poppy patch is in my family room; when I see the live poppies in Essex, I feel as though my painting is growing out of the soil!