Monday, June 29, 2015

Scotch™ Magic®

One of my favorite parts of painting on watercolor paper is pulling the tape off at the end.

No matter how good or bad a painting looks with tape holding it in place, it always looks better once the tape yields to a clean, crisp border.


That Darn Barn!
3.5x5", acrylic on 4.5x6" watercolor paper folded card


  1. Really like the almost muted colors of the barn, roof, and sky... and how it makes the yellowy-green tree leaves seem extra vivid. And the composition is great, how you "framed" it.

  2. Appreciate your feedback. As you know from other blog entries, I painted that barn and painted that barn and painted that barn. Great experience. Fun that you picked up on both the softness and the framing in this version.