Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Morning Amusement

I noticed recently that the quilted spread on the bed in our spare room at the top of the stairs had a bleached spot on it. My knee-jerk reaction was to want to mix up some acrylics, do the necessary color matching, and fix it the way I might fix a painting.

Each time I'd go in that room, the offending spot would catch my eye, irritate me, and have me itching to get out my paints.

Today I could stand by no longer.

Good as New!
88x108"; mixed media—oil pastels on cotton bedspread
[not for sale]


  1. good for you! You do know that oil pastels NEVER dry!Wonder what will happen when you launder the quilt!

  2. Really? You're teasing right? LOL, I can't see it. Bottom left maybe? Awesome job Dotty ;)

    1. I'm not teasing. Mixed media at its best! Very satisfying both artistically and behaviorally!

  3. There’d be no danger of me laundering it either, Dotty!