Monday, May 7, 2018


I attune to an inner whisper today that keeps saying, mpjkenyon.

Jane Kenyon is a Canadian artist whose work I discovered through Instagram @mpjkenyon some months ago.

mpj, thank you for knocking on my door with mark making that is all-in carefree, careless, reckless, uninhibited, haphazard, playful, intuitive, childlike, and uncensored. Every time I see your art, I feel resonance.

Well, that would be the tame way of putting it.

Let's get down to brass tacks.

Every time I see your art, you smack me upside the head and bark in my face, This is what you yearn to do. DO IT. Crack open your safe shell.


And, thank you.

I played with this kind of mark making a few days ago but then lost it to subsequent layers. Today I wanted to stay immersed in—and stop while still immersed in—pure mark making, mark making from—to use your words—somewhere inside my body other than my conscious self.


newest patch
new patch in the bigger picture;
working title: Core Values


  1. So dainty and intricate! Just now looking at it reminded me of dollies! Also reminds me of some of the B&W work you did on the course 100 paintings!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I had such fun just following my nose here, being dainty and intricate when that's where my nose led me, or scribbly and impulsive, or graphic and patterny, or or or …

      I do like black and white, gotta say.

      I appreciate your comments.

  2. OH! Thank you for the introduction to this artist! Love! And her titles! So spunky and whimsical. :) This little patch is divine. The airy starkness of the lines and scribbles are the perfect compliment to the rest of the patches. You go, girl!

    1. Good morning, Jen! Glad you're happy for the intro to mpjkenyon. Yes, fun to find paintings one likes with titles one also likes!

      Thanks for your notice of airy starkness, lines, and scribbles in my new patch, and the way they tuck in to the bigger picture.

      Happy malarkey to you this Tuesday in May.

  3. Ohhh - this is lovely.....variety of marks and I am guessing tools used to make them, lights and darks and snippets of text. All things that I love. I see Carol's dollies viewing the patch in the bigger picture. Love Jane Kenyon's work - thank you for the reminder!

    1. Thanks, Janet. I plan to make more of these. I want to do enough of them that I am able to feel even more intuitive as I go about making marks. Isn't Jane's work great?