Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Something that Grew

Yesterday's something continued to unfold today.

My favorite parts during the unfolding:

• the see-saw process of making marks, painting over them, making marks, painting over them, making marks, painting over them, and
• painting mostly with my fingers.

What I like about what ended up unfolding:

• the delicacy, unfussiness, and scribbliness of the lines.

My current wonderings:

• done? or
• maybe needing some bold lines for contrast?

newest patch;
newest patch, in the big picture;
working title: Core Values


newest patch, with a test piece of acrylic skin resting on the surface …


  1. I really like what happened here! And the scribbliness is wonderful The test patch - YES! ACK! So great! The Core Values piece is becoming a wondrous work of art. Holy cow.

    1. Appreciating your feedback, as always, Jen. The scribbliness felt terrific as I scribbled, and I like the result.

      Core Values is nothing I ever would have imagined.

      Oh, but I must have!

  2. To answer your last question: maybe you don't need so much contrast in the patch itself, since you already make such beautiful contrast in the 'core values' piece itself! For instance, it beautifully contrasts with the purple patch next to it!

    1. Simone, grateful for your specific feedback re contrast in the patch itself vs. contrast of the patch in relation to its placement in a bigger context of the Core Values project. Very helpful.