Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Q&Q Cut-Up #3

A quotation caught my eye at the library today, something 'prodigiously talented and successful musician' Leonard Bernstein evidently once said:

To achieve great things, two things are needed: 
a plan and not quite enough time.

My plan is to show up every day in my studio … and I never have quite enough time.


Way, way, way back on September 22, I started scribbling on a piece of 16x20" unstretched canvas with a PaperMate pencil, a grease pencil, pastel pencils, and a graphite crayon.

Working a few minutes at a time over the course of many of the days between then and now, I eventually cut the work in progress into eight pieces, one of which became the 'starting' point—so to speak—of today's completed painting.

Sleeping in the Room with the Drying Herbs
4x5"; pencil, pastel pencil, ink, and acrylic on unstretched canvas

I love the softnesses and breathing space in this piece.


  1. Pebbles in th beach. Love the breathing space and colors! Thanks for the quote has a lot of meaning for me as well!

    1. Pebbles on an expanse of sand … ahhhhhh … thanks for sharing that image, Carol. Glad the quotation resonated : )

  2. Hi Dotty, I love it when free floating pieces finally reach their destination. Love the negative space.

    And: how is working on raw canvas for you? Did you mount it on something? I have meters and meters of canvas here, that scream for attention, which they have never got.

    I'm curious!

    1. Doesn't the negative space feel wonderful?

      Working on canvas has been fun. I like to change substrates periodically, to enjoy their various features. The canvas brings its own texture, and I've felt open to seeing where that leads. I do eventually mount the canvas on either somewhat stiff manila card stock for postcards or on MDF to 'frame' paintings. I've been using a clear glaze fixative of late, and that probably helps to keep edges from fraying. Keep me posted.

    2. I am going to try it, it looks really good! Every surface has its own charm and I love to get to know everything... Have a lovely day, Dotty!

  3. softness and breathing space...yes! This is a stunning little piece!! And the quote. It resonates. Somehow the press of time pushes us to work a little harder, more focused, take more risks. Less time to overthink things.

    1. Softness and breathing space, so vital.

      Today, working on a new piece, 'trying to do too much' has served me well in taking risks, being intuitive/impulsive, and more focused.

      Thanks for your comments!