Monday, November 27, 2017

Alternating Current/ Q&Q Cut-Up #12

I'm no scientist but as I worked on the final three pieces of my Quick & Quixotic 'series' I think there's a chance I may have been powered by alternating current, i.e. electrical current which periodically reverses direction.

For certain, I was not powered by energy that flows in only one direction. 

I was all over the place.

Further, there must have been a huge amount of energy that needed discharging because why else would I have persisted with pieces that bedeviled, frustrated, and otherwise exasperated the living daylights out of me in process? 

I was the one generating these fool's errands to begin with, for Pete's sake! 

I could have pulled the plug at any time.

Did I?

I did not.

At the moment, I am running on low voltage—and happily so. I have completed the series.

And, I've thrown away the remaining half-inch canvas tiles!

It Had a Beginning That It Had Forgotten
4x5"; acrylic, latex, canvas collage tiles, and oil pastel on paper


  1. What catches my eye is the gentle slow movement of the little squares!The little subtle changes as they fall! The echo of the wave as they emerge in the water?.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Carol. I'm fascinated in particular by your seeing gentle slow movement—it's intriguiing to think about what creates that effect.

  2. from football to electricity...I am so enjoying these unusual process descriptions! These little tiles are fascinating. Now that you've mentioned science, I can see these as views under a microscope. Little square dudes in a quantum world.

    1. Indeed, from football to electricity—go figure. Glad you are enjoying the process stories! Love your microscope take on this—I used to love to do lab drawings : )

  3. You made it till the end, Dotty, that alone is worth so much! And throwing away sometimes is a good idea ;-)


    1. Simone, thanks for recognizing and affirming my having traveled from one end to the other with this inquiry. Truth to tell, I think those canvas tiles found their way into a collage box and not the trash bin, but I did 'throw away' the idea of pushing to use them right away.

  4. Ah HA! Not thrown away! Had a feeling. Hahhaa
    I love the flow in this as well, and what to me look like little garden plots. Rooftop gardens? That could work.
    Dotty, you seriously need to think about turning this blog into a book! I know you can think of an iconic title, on par with "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"
    It would make a great book! Entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring!

    1. Yeah, not thrown away! Yet.

      Little rooftop garden plots. Awesome. Thank you for that view/perspective.

      Thank you, also, for the suggestion of creating a book of my blog. Definitely something to think about.