Monday, November 13, 2017

A Day in November / Q&Q Cut-Up #6

I am grateful today—not for the first time—for the deep pleasure of creating art, for the direct give and take of my hands and eyes and canvas and glue and paint and ink and inner and outer universes.

Can't say the same for certain cyber circumstances and snafus but, hey!, look where that ugly-painting-day piece from Thursday took itself.

They Sat Drinking Hot Cider
4x5"; pencil, ink, acrylic, and collage on unstretched canvas,
mounted on card stock


  1. Over on it's side. Love those ink marks! How wonderful to feel the glue,paint and tear up paper.

    1. It DID tip over! It was fun to have fun with this piece again, and to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. Love flinging ink!

  2. The line work!!!!!! Was that from flinging? DIVINE! And the title - le sigh. love.

    1. line work: mix of scribbling and capricious unpredictable applicator

      title: fun, yes?

      thank you : )

  3. Hope it is not too bad in cyberspace over there (can be horrible!). So nice that paintings can tae themselves somewhere - with us as humble servants.

    I learn a lot from you, and now a new word: Snafus.

    1. I am working my way through cyber circumstances (and some inadvertent plain old human error on my part)—what I learn from painting helps me be at least a little less agitated and a little more accepting of the cyber stuff; it'll be whatever it's going to be!

      Yes, I was happy to be a humble servant to this painting.

      Did you look up SNAFU ("Situation Normal: All Fucked/Fouled Up"), a slang expression of US military origin? It's a great word!