Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quick & Quixotic 7

Have I mentioned that Jay and Christine's wedding celebration is taking place in ten days?

So exciting—such a happy, busy time for this mother of the groom!

Again today, I grab just a few minutes to paint. I'm so glad for those few quick minutes of capricious unpredictable adventuring in a day otherwise filled mostly with tasks requiring the services of my left brain.

Love the transformation that took place on my bit of unstretched canvas!

work in progress
12x16"; unstretched canvas
working title: quick & quixotic 7

A few spectacular detail photos—look at these volunteer compositions:


  1. The first thing I observe, mainly in the details, is a sense of the surreal! Especially love the texture of those paint blobs! I guess if this was paper it would already have been cut!

    1. Carol, thanks for commenting. My days have felt a little surreal of late, though I don't know that I would have thought to call up that word; guess the surreality is playing out in paint!

      The textures are appealing to me, too—the depth/height of the green 'blobs' and the collage edges and wrinkles in the sky.

  2. The size! The texture! That serene palette! I cannot imagine how you find time to get in the zone with a wedding in the works. Such excitement!!!

    1. Isn't the texture grand fun? I love the bumps, blemishes, and backbones. The serene palette is probably subconscious self-soothing! And getting into the painting zone is how I cope with a wedding in the works : )

      Much excitement, any way you slice it!

  3. Serene and peaceful, yet slightly energetic. Love it!! LOVE the close ups too. Some look like views in outer space. All of them are mini masterpieces :)
    10 days! WOW, you ARE busy! Best wishes to you all :)

    1. Sheila, I'm liking the serene-peaceful-slightly energetic combo you identify! Also appreciate your seeing outer space imagery with your fresh eye—I got 'stuck' seeing water. I do love seeing these mini masterpieces—volunteer compositions feel like such gifts to me.

      Yeah. Busy. Oy! Thanks for your kind wishes.