Monday, October 16, 2017

Painting Connections

I wrote about this piece's partner maybe ten or more days ago, in a post about staying connected to other artists, especially those who "express interest in and resonate with what you are doing" and whose work lights you up.

This post is also about connections.

First, I love when paintings connect to each other—when they're siblings, sharing considerable DNA but also having distinct personalities and experiences. Such is the situation for today's painting and her born-first sister. They now live in different states, have their own lives to live, and often go whole days with nary a thought of each other. At heart, though, they are still connected.

Second, I love the connection I have to my experience of painting this piece. It evokes instantly a day that had dawned chilly, at 42 degrees, but became a gift of bright sunshine, radiant warmth, yellow leaves that drifted occasionally to the ground, cloudless blue skies, and crisp dry air. My internal weather was more of the same. Happy. I was in my happy place—adding touches of paint, sorting through my scraps box for backdrop papers on which to mount the painting, applying matte medium, tucking the emerging card repeatedly between carefully designed improvisational weights to let one layer after another adhere as I assembled.

Partying with Norman and Sebastian
2.5x3.5"; acrylic, ink, pencil, and pastels on postcard stock,
mounted on card stock and wallpaper sample

Check out this awesome photo shoot that We Drink and Partying agreed to before their lives took them in differing directions.


  1. Thanks for the secret connections that paintings have with their siblings. Something new to ponder over. Actually most of my 30x30 entries have siblings and I have sorted them in their groups. These are absolutely lovely all so professionally mounted. That pumpkin is to die for.

    1. We grew that pumpkin ourselves in our garden among cosmos, dahlias, daisies, asters, blackberry lilies, and the like—isn't it grand??!

      I do love sibling relationships among paintings. Sometimes the physical relationships are striking; other times two paintings from the same source can end up looking not alike at all. Just like with human sibs!

    2. So far I have only male flowers and no signs of pumpkins :(

  2. What posers! Fun post Dotty, and each time I see these, I "get Happy" too! So lucky that you share your JOY with us :)

    1. These two did have fun primping and posing together, critiquing the light and making me discard many photos before agreeing to let these be posted!

      So glad my painted joy is palpable to others : )

  3. Such happy sisters!!!! I love the idea of paintings being connected to one are brilliant!

    1. Thanks, Jen. These two were joined at the hip for a short while until—boom!—off they went on their own, exchanging a few hugs and sharing some giggles in parting, but then venturing in different directions with excitement in their eyes and no hesitancy in their steps.