Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Visual Diary

Two months ago, activated a 9x12" piece of drawing paper, willy nilly:

Till I looked back just now, had totally forgotten this out-of-the-starting-gate iteration.

At that time, took it from its start to this next stopping place, playing with house paint samples:

After which, still in May, cut the start into pieces. A few days ago, picked up what had been the bottom right quadrant in the original start and played with it till it became this:

Now today, some India ink doodling and asemic writing bring it here:

work in progress;
working title: inner july landscape

For years and years and years I kept written diaries, emotional outpourings scribbled onto paper in word after word after diary after diary.

Now a visual diary pours from places deep inside. Such a different outward manifestation.


  1. Your asemic writing has taken full stage! Telling it's own tale. The yellow give a calm space in between the calls and sometime shouts!

    1. Carol, love your report on the tale-telling, calls, and periodic shouts in my current WIP. I just love the magic—I drip/pour some india ink on the page, scribble a bunch of asemic writing along the ink lines' borders like a bit of inchoate verbal lace trim, wonder briefly about the mess I've made, leave my studio, and move on to something else. Then I give the mess to you and others for a look-see, and I find out all sorts of wonderful stuff! Thank you!

  2. WOW Dotty! This is so street. So graphic. So New York graffiti, but in the very best way. It is exciting and engaging.
    Love that there is still a little glimpse of the flow, the maybe petals. Softness and (maybe) expansion.
    Glad you reminded us of where it came from. Your journeys are the best!

    1. Sheila: totally love the "so street" slant! A graffiti artist, who knew? I remind you of where this came from in order to remind myself! I'd totally lost track of its inception way back when. I so appreciate your cheering me along on my journeys, holding out a water bottle every now and then : )