Friday, July 21, 2017


I can barely find words to name my inner painting landscape these days.

I yearn for something in my painting that is elusive in every way. It has thus far found its way into self-expression in only the littlest of snippets, the most fleeting of flashes.

I can't describe for you—let alone myself—what it is. I just know I'll know it when I feel and see it.

Until then, I am totally in for the ride, for whatever transpires in the here and now, trusting everything to be just what it is 'supposed' to be.

Trusting it to be just what it is.

Today it is this little postcard.

Silks, Batiks, Woolens—You Name It, I Have Some
4x5"; acrylic, ink, collage, and pastels on paper
mounted on manila stock


  1. I am NOT the language person. I often look up words to find their meanings. Looking up elusive for synonyms I found some interesting examples. Puzzling, fleeting,transient,indefinable,ambiguous,evanescent among others. I could describe many of your works with these adjectives. I find this one quite elusive. The texts,and the movement. Those little circles with the bits of text fluttering by. And what of the touch of green among those grains.
    Just saw that Janie as an online download class for gelli and collage. Contemplating!!!!

    1. Carol, what a gift that you thought to look up the synonyms for elusive. Thank you!

  2. It is that chasing of the elusive that brings us back to the studio day after day. Her skirts flutter just around the next corner - we see a wisp of lace and then she is out of sight. The chase is afoot.

    This little piece is effervescent and expansive. It cannot be contained. It demands our eyes chase it off the edges and into the next!

    1. The chase is ever afoot!!! yes, yes, yes!

      Your response to this piece—your saying it is effervescent and expansive, that it cannot be contained, that it demands our eyes chase it off the edges and into the next—make the perfect 'frame', and invite me to keep on moving, to keep on jumping back into the studio. Thank you, Jen!

  3. I want to run my fingers over this, and read it like Braille. If there isn't any raised texture on this, you certainly have my eyes fooled :)

    1. Sheila, if I hadn't sent this postcard to my dad, I'd send it to YOU to read! I wouldn't even have to write a message on the back. Thanks so much for your lovely comment re the texture. You 'got' this piece : )

  4. Hi Dotty,
    Just looked back at a lot of your work. I love it all, but I especially liked "Looking back on my work", and organic matter. Good reading and good art all the way through, as always. It just occurred to me that you might enjoy reading "Visual Intelligence" -VERY interesting! I forgot the author at this moment. Hope all is well!

    1. Laurie, so great to hear from you! I think of you often, and I see a blog post email from you in my inbox, waiting to be opened—yay!

      Thanks so much for your valued feedback. I'm grateful for your mentioning that you especially like the paintings in my "Looking Back at My Work" and "Organic Matter" posts; those both flowed from my right brain more than my left, and felt "right" to me.

      Thanks, too, for the book recommendation. Amy Herman? I'm going to check right now to see if I can get it through my library.

      I plan to check your blog soon, but I'm saving it as a reward/incentive for tending to the next to-do on my list, a task that will take some initiative on a day when I have next to none!