Monday, July 3, 2017

Playing in the Shallows

Meg, Michael, Caroline, and Emmy joined us two days ago for a five-day visit so I've been playing in the shallows. That is, I've taken only a few minutes at a go to paint.

I don't always have the courage to dive in head first anyway, so this go-one-step-deeper-at-a-time modus operandi is working for me.

The irony is that by playing in the shallows, increasing depth is emerging in my painting.

Love the way the black donuts, white polka dots, veiling, and drips push some elements forward and others way back, and a few even appear to cast shadows.

work in progress;
working title: Making Messy #4


  1. Kudos for you for painting at all!! Love that single bagel!He does seem floating. Love your " go-one-step-deeper-at-a-time modus operandi" scheme.

    1. Carol, thanks for your support and encouragement. The go-one-step-deeper-at-a-time modus operandi has benefits as well as challenges. No matter what, I'm happy to learn whatever I learn en route. Well, not always happy in the moment, truth be told, but grateful in the end pretty much always.

  2. Love the depth Dotty. Love how this is coming to life seemingly effortlessly on your part. But I know, your fearless talent comes from (in part) a willingness to take one more step forward. Try one more experiment, find today's answer to "what if?"
    I thought I loved this before, but here it is again, a new love!

    1. The depth here is such a hands-on reminder to me to maintain that willingness to keep on taking one more step forward. NOT at all second nature for me to do so but look at the gifts that emerge (along with the uglies that also make appearances!). Thanks so much for you encouragement and affirmation.