Tuesday, May 23, 2017

One and Only

I have to say again, here is one of the magnets of painting that pulls me in again and again:

painting is just so right here and now. 

The piece I made today? The piece I make any day? Unique.

It is the product of what comes together in the moments of making of it, and is like nothing else that came before or will come after.

Some of what came together:

• card stock passed to me twenty years ago,
• my paper trimmer,
one eighth of an exercise I did for my Jane Davies class late last summer,
• collage paper I made from cleaning excess paint off my brush sometime in 2017,
• a Posca paint pen,
• texture sheets,
• a sunny cool day in May following a surprise heat wave the prior three days,
• wanting to write a postcard to my dad,
• wordless intuitions, and
• whoever I was when I painted.

The Specifics of What Had Passed Between Them
4x5"; acrylic, ink, and collage on paper; mounted on card stock


  1. Love the crisp, cool palette. Blue-raspberry Slurpee. So refreshing :) I love the extended borders, all the patterns and textures. Really love how the soft black "spongy" softness contrasts with all the rest. You keep my eye moving from one side to the other. Over this-a-way, and t-other. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks once again for your artist's eye, Sheila. Your comments inevitably invite me to revisit my creative process—always fun. The b&w were from a Jane Davies assignment. Much of the rest came from off-loading last bits of paint as I worked on other things. The blue collage pieces come from off-loading to one of the texture sheets you sent me : ) The black softnesses came from using a makeup sponge. The border is hand drawn and came into being b/c the scrap I was working on wasn't big enough to cover the card stock postcard I wanted to make!

  2. This is a stunner, Dotty! The composition is just right - eye drawn to the deep dark center and led diagonally to fading textures...really masterful. I can't stop looking at it...

    1. Jen, thank you for this feedback. So much of what I paint is 'accidental'—well, that may not be le mot juste, but what I love is a piece such as this where I create intuitively and my left brain is minimally engaged, a piece in which composition isn't thoughtfully planned but joyfully received as a gift.