Friday, May 19, 2017

Here I Am, Day 3

The left side of my brain "makes time" for things. Looks ahead at the day's to-do list, plans when and how long I might be able to paint, goes into the studio with ideas, keeps an eye on the clock, watches to make sure all balls are staying in the air.

The right side of my brain goes into the studio, makes a mark or a bunch of marks, responds with color or more marks, has no notion of clock time, paints until it stops painting.

The whole of me notices that I have been painting in snippets of time lately, but with a feeling of fullness and sufficiency.

I cut Here I Am, Day 2 in half, added to one half.

work in progress, 6x9"
working title: here i am
day 3


  1. It's raining sunshine! And I see a face smiling at me. A Barney Rubble type. Kind of a goofball with a good heart. Happy piece. Happy piece of a piece. LOL.

    1. Barney! How HE'd sneak in there?

      One of the directors at the camp I attended (still attend) always referred to rain as liquid sunshine : )

      Laughing at your 'piece of a piece' moniker!

      Wishing you a happy Saturday. Will you be in your studio at all?

  2. two halves of a perfect whole. I love how your brain works!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, which helped me step back and say, yet again, here I am—and helped me let go of judgment (at least for this moment).

      Here I am.

  3. It sounds like the soul part (the vertical part, the time of the eternal 'Now') versus the 'ego' part (the horizontal part, the clock-time). And I don't mean ego in a negative way. Sometimes it is a good plan to keep your eye on the clock if you don't want to miss an appointment ;-).

    Indeed, as Jennifer says: two halves of a perfect whole. It is wonderful to have one leg in one world and the other one in the other. But personally, I love to be in this vertical part, the part of the eternal now. And isn't it wonderful that painting invites us so easily in this world without clocks and time?

    I love your painting, the marks are so free!

    1. Simone, thanks for your comments! In truth, the 'vertical' part and the 'horizontal' part—the temporal and the sacred—are all of one glorious piece, I think. It is only our minds that see duality. Here we are!

      Fun to have you see and enjoy the marks which indeed are so free : )