Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Today I snag one of the playboards I created about a month ago and start to play.


I am so grateful to have invited art to become a centerpiece in my life. To have committed myself to making space for losing myself in this moment, and this moment, and this moment. To be, here and now.

I pull out a china marker I purchased recently. Haven't used one of those for decades! I draw some circles and then bring them into high relief by painting negative space around them.

I bump into the acrylic skin I made sometime earlier this year, cut it into bits, and let its random marks find places on my emerging piece. That acrylic film experiment has made appearances in several paintings now. Very satisfying.

Then out come my Posca paint markers, and the house paint Caroline and Emmy gave me at Christmas, and a PaperMate pencil.

Making a record of what I did when creating a piece is just that—some words that tell what I did.

Art making itself is a string of moments of looking at things for the first time; art making is being what I'm doing.

I take such pleasure in having all of that—all of everything I've just articulated, and more—fit into a little 3x4" painting that I can share with a friend to celebrate her being a centerpiece in my life, too!

Looking at Things for the First Time
3x4"; acrylic, ink, oil pastel, china marker, pencil, and oil pastel on paper,
mounted on card stock


  1. Oh WOW! That pop of yellow :) Those little stars everywhere, and larger planet orbs, nuzzling up to one another. Makes no sense. I know. And brain waves, synapses firing up. You've got the whole world in your hands!

    1. Sheila, totally love your 'makes-no-sense' impressions of this piece. I so value your artist's eye, which is always Looking at Things for the First Time.

      And, yup, with a paintbrush, we DO have the whole world/universe in our hands!

  2. My new favorite!!! This piece is simply divine. And your words..."art making is being what I'm doing" - love. You are an art philosopher!!!

    1. Jen, thanks for your feedback—I love how different our art is but how much we have to offer each other. Your enthusiasm is especially welcome this morning b/c I'm in the messy middle (purgatory, at best, vs. divine!) with another piece from the same start, and it's hard to imagine its coming to any good outcome!

      Thanks, too, for your appreciation of my 'philosophizing.'

  3. Finally connected. My sister in law WiFi was off. They fixed it now.we are on same time zone. Your painting made me smile which I needed. A happy painting.

    1. Carol, glad to be able to bring a smile. I've been holding you in my heart, thinking of you often.