Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Plan B

Plan A, as reported yesterday, was to paint a bookmark to match the cover of a book I plan to read. Actually, I was going to paint two bookmarks and send the second to friend Sheila, letting her know that if she wanted to read The Door by Magda Szab√≥, here was a coordinating hand-painted place marker.

Plan B: I'm sending a different bookmark to Sheila. If she hopes to coordinate it with the cover of a book she wants to read, she first has to find the book—talk about choosing a book by its cover!

The Go-Aheadness of It All
1.5x5.5"; acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on black cardboard


  1. The book I would like to find: How to wiggle your nose and instantly learn all there is to know about Instagram, Internet art marketing, and (Adobe) Illustrator. ;)
    Love the title of this piece as much as I love the bookmark Dotty! Funny, but I see it anew, here on your blog. I am reminded of a favorite movie, Rebecca. Rocky cliffs, stormy sea, pelting rain. Miraculously, the brilliant and delicate bougainvillea have managed to cling to the cliffs, and survive the squall.
    As for The Door, I read a review and it sounds interesting indeed! As for the bookmark. It is standing up on my desk, keeping me company while I work.
    Thank you Dotty for this special surprise, for the wonderful quote on the back, and blessing of your friendship. :)

    1. Love that you have a book in mind! If you can't find it, write it : )

      Glad you like the title. It comes from a passage in Elizabeth Berg's novel, RANGE of MOTION, a favorite.

      You are welcome, and thank you in return.

  2. Never really thought much about matching books to the bookmark or vise versa, but sound like a wonderful idea. This probably could match any romantic novel, or perhaps a book on abstract design. Yes I see all the elements that Sheila sees while holding on to the abstract qualities.

    1. Matching book covers and bookmarks is a distinct little life's pleasure for me, and I have grand fun painting my own bookmarks.

  3. Great idea! To choose a book after a bookmark!

    1. Thanks, Simone! My hubby just laughs at my book-bookmark matchups : )