Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unknown Territory, #9

To take the risk of recklessness when nearly everything in my knee-jerk self says be careful, take your time, don't do it!—well, wheeee!

To look preciousness square in the eye and say, Hey, it's just paint and canvas—mm, mmm. I am dusting off my hands with satisfaction!

To be daring and venturesome at the beginning—easy peasy. To feel the same excitement and free flow now, weeks into working on this painting when there is so much to lose—wow!

And I'm only taking baby steps of boldness.

Hope bold holds, 'cuz I know I'm not quite finished here.

working title: 30/30 vision
work in progress …
close-up of 30/30 vision in progress,
playing loose with pastels and ink


  1. Bravo, kol ha-kavod, Hebrew expression. Since you are interested in linguistics here is a link I found when I googled it. Yes you are at a critical phase so going slowly is a wise move. Like the rotation. Those little marks are small but make a huge impression. Kudos!!!

    1. Thanks, Carol! I appreciate your hol ha-kavod support! I also appreciate your noting that "those little marks are small but make a huge impression." Very helpful feedback.

  2. Hi Dotty, I really like: 'it is just paint and canvas', nothing to lose!
    I think maybe our paining is beautiful playground for being bold and daring, also in life.
    So: really great that you are experiencing that right now in this painting!

    Nicholas Wilton wrote something in his last blogposte about it. Probably you already read it.

    I won't be painting today, so: bye for now!

    1. Thanks, Simone. Even though after the fact I might think, "I've wrecked this!" it's so helpful ahead of time to hold the thought, "It is just paint and canvas." Our painting IS a wondrous playground for being bold and daring, both in and of itself and also as a reminder for the 'bigger picture' of life in its entirety. I did see Nicholas Wilton's it-pays-to-be-bold-early post, and I opted to practice it-pays-to-be-bold-late, too!

      Bye for now. Enjoy your holiday, and I'll look forward to your return to painting and posting : )

  3. Love scribbly blues, the scribbly blacks, the white on black pattern, the rough and tumble pinkish, blueish, something-elsish white, the reddish, yellowish orange. Oh and the bits of lavender. Love it all Dotty! Not one inch of wrecked here!

    1. Sheila, you are so observant, and it's fun for me to relive the creating as you enumerate the many places I've visited in bringing "30/30 vision" to thus far. Thank you! I'm about to head to my studio—glad I have a photo of yesterday's adventures, 'cuz who knows where today will take me!