Friday, December 23, 2016

Unknown Territory, #10

I think I've completed my current painting, with its working title 30/30 vision.

Hot damn!

But the sun went down, and I couldn't get any decent indoor lighting for a photo.

Nor do I have time to write a post.

Oh, and I need to come up with a bone fide name for this painting.

So, for today, two close-up previews:

close-up of 30/30 vision
close-up of 30/30 vision


  1. You said it Sheila!!! Looks like a grand finale! Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Sheila and Carol, I feel so much gratitude for your encouragement and curiosity en route and now your cheering as I come across the finish line. You infused spirit when my was sagging (more than once).

    Happy Holidays to you both!