Thursday, December 8, 2016


My usual day-to-day modus operandi includes a high degree of intention and focused busy-ness.

But I sure do love a day that holds puttering. Going about in a casual, unhurried way. Occupying myself doing a number of small impromptu tasks, not concentrating on anything in particular.

Perhaps seeing some mending that has been waiting for weeks, threading my needle out on the front steps in warm sunshine.

Or seeing a book on my bed and stopping to read right then and there.

Or seeing a stack of paint quilts in my studio and selecting one to 'embroider' with wax pastels and stenciling to make a postcard for my dad. Not having any particular plan or guiding vision. Just puttering around trying this and that, creating some inviting softnesses. Finishing up with a satisfying coat of matte medium, letting brush strokes go any which way they want.

Soft Landing Place
4x5"; acrylic and wax pastels on manila stock


  1. Love your description of "puttering days"! I really love the slow, stress-less times just doing what comes to mind. Soft and nice landing!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I wish more of my painting days were puttering ones—of late I've been doing more bush-whacking than puttering, with scratches and bruises!

  2. I think maybe this is the very most important part of making art. Just being 'in the zone' ('in the stream of being' as one buddhist scholar called it). I had the same experience this morning. Just doing something, nothing special, moving brushes and paint around. Playing like a kid, no specific product in mind.

    1. Being in the stream of being is a sweet place—too bad I lose my way and end up elsewhere sometimes!! I will carry your playing-like-a-kid-no-specific-product-in-mind energy to my studio with me this afternoon : )