Friday, December 2, 2016

Coming Up for Air

Wow. Feels weird to be writing a post that doesn't feature a painting from the course I just completed, a course that pretty much claimed all my creative time and energy—and then some—for the past three months!

After weeks of using the lesson titles as titles for my posts, I actually had to create a title for today's post. Stopped me dead in my tracks!

I feel rusty.

Here's a piece that grew from offloading extra paint from my brush as I worked on lesson exercises in the past few weeks. With no class assignments currently at hand, I played with adding a bit of oil pastel and a touch of black fabric paint, and now this little postcard has been sent off to my dad's mailbox in Maine.

November Sunrise
4x5", acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on manila stock


  1. Great title for this post!!! Love this little sunrise!!! The black lines over the orange especially caught my fancy. Love the white veiling!!! You probably have plenty of starts just waiting to be cut-up or added on to.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation of my coming up for air, Carol. What a total immersion experience. I think it'll be awhile before I have insightful perspective.

      This little sunrise was a fun surprise for me, emerging as it did out of offloaded paint. The black lines over the orange were what caught my attention, too, reading as saltmarsh fragmities on a November morning.

      Goodness only knows what-all has piled up behind me in recent weeks. In addition to all the art I've got backwash from every corner of my life and holidays now demanding attention. Plenty to sort out!

  2. Love this autumn morn! Have I told you lately that I love your work? LOL, guess I just did :)

    1. Sheila, thanks for your nod to this autumn morn in particular and my work in general. I am grateful to have you following me : )

      Loved seeing YOUR art/post upon waking this morning!