Thursday, December 1, 2016


Today, some lively, animated, playful triangles hanging out with a few red circles. 

I investigated with this piece whether or not I could introduce line yet keep shapes as the predominant feature. My conjecture is that if viewers were asked, What do you see in this painting?, more often than not triangles—or perhaps the big red implied orb—would be named first. 

Feel free to weigh in, dear viewers!

Atmosphere & Shapes #10

What an amazing experience 100 Drawings was! Jane's lessons and feedback stretched me way beyond what I was anticipating—and I was anticipating some strenuous stretching! 

I feel like one of my paintings … the first layer is no longer visible, but every brushstroke along the way has brought me to this stunning new place I couldn't have imagined on August 31. 

In the spirit of building layers, complexities, nuance, and rich textures, and then letting go of attachment to keep adding layers, off I go into whatever my ongoing painting life brings. 

I'm looking forward to an increase in discretionary time, and I'm simultaneously anticipating I may experience withdrawal symptoms. 

I am so grateful for the gifts of learning, investigation, instruction, guidance, and rich camaraderie.


  1. I see the pretty little triangles first. Whistle while you work, came to mind. Sun rising, and they are off to work. Looks like a couple of them slipped on the icy morning path. LOL Congrats on wonderful journey Dotty, thanks so much for sharing it with us :) Withdrawals huh, well... ya' know... January.. Leslie...

    1. Sheila, love the dwarfs' whistling while they head off to work! And, yes, one or two may have a hangover and aren't as steady on their feet as might be good.

      I'm thinking a long winter's nap is in order for me. Call me Sleepy : )

  2. Yes, you probably will have withdrawal symptoms. You deserve a long nap.. but not too long... not to loose the momentum... I think the line give the the shapes direction and power. Could also be the the children dancing after the Pied Piper from Hamlin! Great variation of the sizes of the circles and spacing of the triangles!!!!

    1. Carol, thanks for your input on the line's giving the shapes direction and power, the variation of circle size, and the triangle spacing. Loved your Pied Piper interpretation! This piece was pretty interesting to me—I rotated it in every direction, and saw clothes on the line, prayer flags, leaves on a stem …