Saturday, November 5, 2016


I went into a total funk with this one. More often than not, I enjoy the inherent tension, enigma, and surprise of painting as I work through the various stages of order, disorder, and flux. With this piece, Not Knowing felt painful and I couldn't shrug off the heaviness I felt. 

Good thing the universe works in mysterious ways: we lost power late in the day on which I was struggling with this painting. Nothing could have served me better than to step out of obsessive busy into calming quiet. The next morning, with a night's sleep under my belt and a sunny day at hand, what seemed impossible the day before found its way to possible.

collage, ink, acrylic, and graphite to start
Busy and Quiet #7
I ended up liking this piece—knock me over with a feather!
The bright colors, black & white, collage, and ink in the lower left corner
call instant attention to their busy selves, even though they claim very little space.
I see the opaque neutral swath cutting its way diagonally across about 50%
of the painting as quiet, with quiet texture. The lower left and upper right corners
read as transitional, both with veiled but still visible under-layers.


  1. I feel like I am peering down through a misty veil of clouds, ready to land in an unknown city full of lights and intriguing places! Or maybe it is just my memories of flying into San Diego, over Balboa park, downtown and the San Diego Bay. ;) Love it, and the fact that you traveled all the way to Funky town and back!

    1. Sheila, love your hole-in-the-clouds image, with a lively city below! That unknown city sounds way more appealing than Funkytown, that's for sure.

  2. I feel down to earth in some msyterious forest!!! Love those textures in the gray!!!

    1. Thanks, Carol. The textures in the gray were the turning point in this painting—that's when I started finally liking it.