Thursday, November 3, 2016


You might think I'd hit my stride by study #5.


Stumbled repeatedly.

But, shazam, so much dendrite-growing going on, and a fun piece in the end.

collaged packing paper and ink as a start
Busy and Quiet #5
This piece has a landscape feel, with its busy area (~25%) of bright colors,
collage, ink, and patterns running horizontally across the page.
Quiet space—the whitest opaque real estate—resides predominantly
in the bottom half of the page. Transitional territory includes pencil scribbles
above and below the bright colors as well as dull gray-greenish 'sky.'


  1. This is quiet funny, commenting on internet explorer, and viewing on chrome!!!Somehow IT doesn't show the images in a lightroom like chrome, doesn't open them at all..
    Love the way you used the crumply texture of the paper for the quiet areas. Love the muted pastels in the collage area, busy area. Actually although busier it also has a calm affect. Love the scribbles and text!!!Love the new format!!! Looks like 1:2.Now going to look as some circle arrangements I made last evening!!!

    1. Looking back at this piece, I remember the engagement and pleasures of creating it (made it two weeks ago, didn't post till now). Some of the collage paper I made months ago, the collage pieces with words come from a wedding invitation, some collage is tissue paper for softer edges. I liked making some very precise ink patterns and also some very free form pencil scribbles.

  2. This is so happy and bright! Takes a busy, bustling cityscape in a whole new direction. Love the juicy, yet subdued palette, the scribbles, the hard and soft edges, the compostion, the text. Lovely learning here Dotty!

    1. Sheila, after a hard afternoon in my studio (you know the kind I mean!), your words are welcome encouragement, a reminder that it's all play and it's all part of a (lifelong) continuum.