Thursday, October 6, 2016

COLOR, Day 8

OK, wrapping up Lesson 5.

Here's my final study; I like this little piece:

Color #8, exploration started

Color #8, exploration enhanced
two warm roughly analogous colors predominate;
one cool neutral sits on the edge in small doses in three places;
 transitions in hue and value are soft in the red-orange area;
more dramatic changes in value and some saturation appear in the magenta area;
the celadon bits have some 
value change and saturation, and remind me how effective
neutrals can be in getting other colors to pop—much more contrast exists between
celadon and magenta and between celadon and red-orange
than between magenta and red-orange;
the contrast between magenta and red-orange is stronger 

where one is a light value and the other more saturated

On to a new lesson. Wondering what it'll be. I know I'll be away for five days of week 6—compounding the challenges, I'm guessing!


  1. love the color combinations! Variations are great along with the trxtures and crayon marks. Ishared link on G+!

    1. Thank you, Carol! I really had fun with this one—glad to have its colors, textures, and marks hit the mark with others!

  2. Good luck with your speedpainting ;-) And first of all: have a great time away!

    1. Speedpainting: done! intense!

      We are now in Virginia, but not without the following little surprise—we got in the car at 150a to start our 10-hour drive and the battery was dead! All resolved quickly and we're safely in place (granddaughter Caroline reading over my shoulder!), with the car at the shop getting a new battery.

  3. So glad you're safely there after a rough beginning. Can't wait to see the art that you and your grands create together!

    1. Thanks, Joje! Grandart thus far has been to decorate the cardboard amazon shipping boxes that hold Meg's birthday gifts—the girls and I made Crayola marker 'wrapping paper'!

  4. Great, soft details in this Dotty! Makes me think it is a closeup of feathers on a glorious bird, or maybe the scales on a newly discovered fish :) Wishing you continued fun!

    1. Sheila, thanks for sharing your inner eye with us! The fun continues!