Saturday, September 24, 2016

Variety, B&W, Day 2

I took several passes at each of yesterday's starts, adding line, shape, pattern, scribble, drips, opacity, and/or veiling. Now they are no longer starts but studies in progress.

I also made five new starts (will post them a different day).

I may or may not have ruined the slacks I was wearing. Black paint on khaki? Not lookin' good. The washing machine is running …

Starts appear on the left, WIPs on the right:







  1. these are developing great, wondering what we are store for in the next days to come. They almost look done. Are you going to add color? Can't choose a fav.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and encouraging words, Carol. Color not allowed in this assignment. Mostly done. Have to give them a "quadrant test" to make sure each quadrant ends up fairly different from every other in a given piece.