Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hobby Nook

I'm writing this post early Sunday morning, just moments before heading off to Takodah. Camp! Yay!

I remember working on a tile-and-grout trivet in Takodah's Hobby Nook as a camper when I was maybe 10 years old. I remember taking in sensory information—the chatter and crowded jostling of other campers, the heat of the building, the chirping of crickets outside the open windows, the smell of melted wax, the roughness of the woven chair seat against the backs of my thighs—and simultaneously being lost in my own small world of focus, arranging little ceramic tiles. I remember thinking about pattern and balance, discovering the appeal of asymmetry, experiencing the ping! of satisfaction when everything felt just right.


Thumbnail Gallery #4
4x5"graphite, acrylic, pencil, and pastels on canvas paper mounted on magazine paper and card stock

Thumbnail Gallery series:




  1. Yes! It is funny that you can see that 'the artist in you' already was preparing for the things that you do now!

    1. Indeed, it's fun to see various "pieces" of me come together in my art. It was especially the case with this piece that was made up of literal physical pieces!