Saturday, August 13, 2016

Heinz 57

Many of you may remember the phrase Heinz 57, a shortened form of the H. J. Heinz Company advertising slogan "57 Varieties."

I've discovered another 57: ART @ 57 MAINe, a new gallery in Bethel, Maine. I'm hanging out with my dad this weekend and we popped in for a look-see yesterday.

Loved the new art space! It is fresh, refreshingly spare, light-filled, inviting—and enlivening. My creative energy was instantly activated, joyfully animated.

We bumped into artist and church friend of my dad, Linda Isham, whose captivating art is on exhibit and who graciously let me pepper her with questions and enthusiasm. I also talked at length with ART @ 57 co-founder, designer, and jewelry maker Donna D'Aquino who engaged warmly in conversation with me, taking all questions and sharing stimulating creativity talk. Hats off to Donna and Lauren Head for taking on the huge creative venture of this art space that is part gallery and part studio for classes. Further fun: discovering the astonishing pen and ink work of Mattie Rose Templeton, a delightful young woman who often serves up an afternoon cappuccino to my dad at CafĂ© DiCocoa's.

Altogether: heaven!

If you're in Bethel, go to ART 57 @ MAINe.

No surprise, I left wanting to get up to my elbows in art. What was I thinking traveling up to Bethel without any art supplies! Computer paper and Bic pencil at least let me explore some line making.



  1. Ooou, thanks for sharing the links!

    1. You are most welcome! I truly felt such a quickening in that artspace, and it was doubly fun because I didn't even know Bethel had a gallery, and my dad hadn't even had it on his agenda to show me. Our visit there just grew organically out of our sweet relaxed time together. Doesn't get much better than that.