Friday, July 29, 2016

Mountain Goat

A cherished childhood memory: scrambling around on shoreline granite at Old Kelsey Point on Long Island Sound in Connecticut.

I know I didn't use metaphor to think about the act of navigating rocks. In fact I don't think I had any metacognitive thinking going on at all as I clambered around with my sisters and summer friends, but I do remember being consciously aware of what I now think of as the conversation taking place between my open eyes and my bare feet. Such pure pleasure, those split-second decisions that led to mountain-goat nimbleness as I traversed the rocky playground beneath my feet.

It's not that I never stubbed a toe, or scraped a knee, or met obstacles—I did, but the intuitive, reflexive nature of my actions was direct and straightforward.

Love, love, love when the same happens while painting.

I channeled those Old Kelsey Point rocks and that goat-footed movement today.

Low Tide High Rocks
7x7", acrylic, ink, and wax pastel on canvas paper


  1. For some reason I was telling Jack about the Kelsey Point rocks just yesterday!

    1. I'm smiling—as I wrote my post, I thought specifically of YOU : )

  2. Wow, I LOVE this! And your writing......"When flow stops, I stop". I will remember this, Dotty. I have been in a deep slump until recently and agonized every day. So this little saying will stay with me. I love the story of your childhood, and this painting is dynamic and bold! PS Thank you as always for your support. Helps bring me out of those slumps!

    1. Hi Laurie, wonderful to have you pop in here! It's an adventure, this life, isn't it? Always, the knee-jerk reflex to agonize, to be hard on ourselves, to fall into the unconscious trap of confusing what we think for who we are. Our thoughts are just thoughts. They come, they go. I'm sorry to hear of the pain of your slump, glad to see your new paintings : )

      Thank you as always for YOUR support.

  3. Love reading your posts as much as I LOVE seeing your work Dotty! Memories of climbing in the hills behind our house, afternoon adventures. Rock collecting, treasure hunting. Running into and AWAY from tarantulas! Hadn't thought of that in a long time :)

    1. Hi, Sheila. First and foremost, are you in your new home???

      Second, what fun to know that my painting/blogging evoked such childhood memories. Don't you just love revisiting that sensory world?