Sunday, May 22, 2016

More DIY Collage Paper

I did some painting this morning that landed me squarely in the big messy middle of a great big mess with a great big middle that kept being a great big mess as I painted.

Remember a few days ago when I was feeling excited and curious under similar circumstances? Today—not so much!

I've put that mess to the side for the moment.

I needed a dollop of fun to shake off my morning, so this afternoon I indulged in painting up another sheet of my very own collage paper for my stash. I feel much better.

Huh. It looks kinda like a landscape.

more yummy collage paper


  1. Yes! Just playing with colours and textures is so much fun to do! And indeed: it could be a landscape! (maybe it ends up being one!)

    1. I notice that playing with colors and textures here felt so free and easy, so playful and experimental vs. working on a different piece I have in process right now that feels challenging and awkward. All part of the bigger picture.

      I don't know yet if this new piece will end up as collage paper or something else.

  2. Yes, and a landscape with fireworks in the distance!

    1. Exactly! Nothing beats a cathartic grand finale at a fireworks display!