Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dropping a Line, or Two

My path through the Jane Davies 6-lesson class I downloaded at Christmas has been anything but a straight line because I keep taking detours, and then detours from detours.

But today, I reeled myself in from playing hooky. Started Lesson 5 which invited me to make a page or two of "just lines … Use whatever materials you have on hand."


Sharpie, Pilot Razor Point, Pigma Micron, Zig Memory System Writer, PaperMate Sharpwriter, UniBall Vision, Pitt Artist Pen … bring 'em on!

a page of just lines

On to a second page. First, though, I indulge my wish to put a little background paint on the page, spreading a blend of white and some kind of light green-gray from my stay-wet palette.


• marker,
• almost-out-of-ink fine-point pen,
• fabric paint,
• acrylic paint,
• wax pastel,
• oil pastel,
• watercolor pencil, and
• charcoal of three hardnesses and varied widths, painting over one line with glazing medium.

I could doodle my way right into tomorrow in a heartbeat.

another page of just lines


  1. Those lines make me think of eeg lifelines of different organisms...each one with its own energy signature. I am wondering what they look like.

    I like the smudging, softening and loop-de-loops!

    1. Love the idea of idiosyncratic energy signatures—I see slugs, fleas, rabbits, and seagulls among the signatures above.

      I like the smudging, softening, and loop-de-loops, too. I imagine my playing with and using line will keep on evolving.