Sunday, April 10, 2016


Every now and then the planets align such that Dave and I can meet for coffee in the middle of a work morning. His job is one lived largely not in his office anyway, and sometimes he has a business errand near Starbucks. I work from home and can sometimes juggle my morning line-up and meet him. Last Monday the planets aligned.

I pulled into Starbucks, got out my phone to connect to wifi, and what did I discover? A text from Dave saying, cancel.

The planets had shifted back out of alignment!


Turns out the gift that morning was not a sweet weekday rendezvous with Dave after all but instead a  beautiful knit scarf on the young woman picking up her soy latté to go. The olive greens, the yellows, the browns, the surprise of turquoise! Delicious!

I prepped a postcard start to take to Maine with me.

postcard start, acrylic


  1. Sorry your date didn't work out, but love how you were able to make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak.

    1. Indeed—I wish you could have seen me when I opened my phone and saw Dave's "cancel" text! But, hey, I was already there so I got myself my latté, pulled out the book I had with me, sipped, read, admired a gorgeous scarf, and came home with a painting idea.

  2. Loving the color combo... staying tuned :)

    1. Thanks! I don't think I would even have noticed soy latté lady's scarf a year ago, but those colors jumped out at me last week.

      Smiling at your 'staying tuned'—you know the drill!

    2. Love that inspiration shows up in the strangest places and often under unusual circumstances. I like the lemonade/lemons reference above. Little treasures abound.....I'm doing what Sheila's doing...staying tuned.

    3. Hi Corinna, you're a master of finding inspiration yourself, and I always love hearing your stories of same in your posts.

      Definitely a lemons to lemonade situation last Monday—although now that I write the words, I'm laughing as I realize I like lemons more than I like lemonade!

      Fun to know that you, too, are staying tuned.