Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Found a New Home

I thought I was done with my abstract horizon lesson. Time to cut my losses and move on.

I was ready to send You Know that Wyoming Will Be Your New Home on its way. Its new home was going to be a wastebasket. In Massachusetts.

But I walked past it in my studio today, and suddenly I had a paint brush in hand.

I painted over the whole dang thing, yippy ti yi yo.

winter white-out conditions!


But where to go now?


  1. This looks like outside of my window! Good for you-give that ole winter white a dash of Spring!
    Oh how you can give human qualities to a piece of paper, Dotty! You make me laugh!

    1. I'm glad I captured a likeness of SOMEthing, even it's the winter white-out conditions outside your window!

      Thanks for your support, enthusiasm, and laughter. Painting used to be much more solitary for me, and solitary can be a gloomy place to be with a painting not going the way I might like. By contrast, with painter friends such as YOU to share the ins and outs? Whole different story. Much less fraught. Much more fun. No matter what's on my canvas. Thank you!

  2. Painting over is a wonderful thing. There are always new possibilities! And even painted over, there is a beautiful structure underneath, which might inspire for the next painting. Or indeed: show this wonder-winter landscape!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Simone. When I first began painting, the thought of painting over would have horrified and discouraged me. And, of course, I still fall into discouragement now but overall I have such increased happy openness to "always new possibilities!" YES! There is so much more joy in my life when I live it with curiosity and wonder. On to the next possibility!