Saturday, January 2, 2016

Walking In and Pouring Some

I discover a final scrap of the cover from a used pad of Strathmore canvas paper. Plenty enough to paint a little paper prayer of a bookmark to mail to my friend Carrie.

In the resonant words of Elizabeth Berg in her novel Range of Motion:

Here is another thing I like 
about a good friendship, 
the go-aheadness of it all. 
You don’t have to knock 
to come in the door. 
You don’t have to ask 
to look in a refrigerator. 
You want coffee? 
Pour some. 

Paper Prayer 25
2x4", acrylic, ink, and wax pastel on textured paper
[not for sale]


  1. Yes, be gentle with yourself. far as the challenge, I'm trying to just do what I can without spending all day painting and ignoring everything else. Plus I'm WAY more sedentary during challenges..haha. This regal looking design is beautiful. And your words ring so true.....friendship...what would we do without our treasured friends?

    1. Loved your seeing regal in my paper prayer. I never know what I'll discover when I paint one of those designs.

      Speaking of friends, these 30-in-30 challenges offer up such lovely chances to forge new bonds : )

  2. So lovely your scribbley lines and restful palette. The truth in your words makes me grateful for my friendships.

    1. Thanks for your comments—I'm always fascinated after the fact by the layers of depth created by something as sweet and simple as scribbly lines. Certainly, scribbling those lines was restful.

      Friendships—so much gratitude there.